February 14, 2019

Bear with me

It's cold and rainy, and is predicted to stay that way for weeks.  The shop is unheatable and the mechanic still has my truck.  I don't see much happening here for a bit, unless I'm blessed with more insight into the nature of bubbles.  
We are living in the golden age of bubbles, you know.
And, lord knows, this is cutting edge stuff.

February 9, 2019

Into it

Only some scattered few new bubbles were sketched today.  Most of the time went into titivating old ones.  I tend to carve too shallow, flattening what needs to be round.  Nothing sadder than a deflated bubble.

February 7, 2019


When bubbles congregate, they become spheres that have corners.  This is tricky.  See, the bubble's peak is at the maximum distance from all the adjacent bubble peaks, but there's no room for personal space, so the carver ends up cornered along with the bubbles.

January 20, 2019


In deep dark places, a chisel has no cutting edge.  You have to crush and brush.  It's still carving.

January 17, 2019


The reason bubbles need proximity is their common secret: all of them are trying to appear to be more than they actually are.  It's in their nature.  Bubbles hide each other's inflation.