March 30, 2020

Hello Hong Kong

I have clung to the idea that this blog is only meant to be about what happens in my shop.  This post is different.  There has been no progress up there, nor will there be for some time yet to come.  The work undone sustains me through this time.
When I began this, I had hopes that it might gain me some recognition from an art world that had long ago forgotten me.  It devolved into a vanity project that provided a few friends around the world with an update about what I was still trying to do.  That was enough, as I enjoy this immensely.
But now something has happened.  Some people in Hong Kong are obviously working their way through Archive and reading this blog as what it is: a story.  I am honored.  Thank you.

Beauty surrounds us.

February 9, 2020


I once collected slag in a bleak time.  I thought I had enough to cover acres, but it added up to this small blot.

The shape of things to come

The two little ovals will be the base for the honeycomb arch.

February 3, 2020

Tabula Rasa

It's true, this is nothing but preliminary, but somehow at 70 I'm finding that it's all preliminary.
Note the panel is askew.  Where I live, nothing is square for long.

January 26, 2020

It's a setup

Friends muscled the slab into the shop yesterday, and today I framed up this "easel".  In couple days I might have the stone in place and cleaned up.  There will be a central blob to sketch, incise, and inlay with black slag (do you see where I'm going with this?  Never fear, the effect will be positive.  There should be more--an arch of honeycomb calcite.)
I'm about to begin chemo/radiation, and after another post or two there might be no more for awhile.  This blog is not about cancer.