December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

I'm home again on work release.  I'll be a real boy again for a few weeks, and then back to Swanson Stone to pay my debt to Debt.  What was supposed to be a mere month of paychecks has turned into indentured servitude when my transmission turned into slag just short of Cortez.  Leo and David at AutoMasters kindly made it  whole again, but I now have a whole new hole to fill.
My next small job in the studio will be to persuade my angel to step  on to her limestone base.  After two months of shaving sixteenths off marble paving slabs, this should be a great pleasure.
I'll also need to begin to figure out how to turn this website into something from which I could possibly hope to sell my sculpture.  It's my only outlet, after all.
Here's to 2015 and a brand new old world.