September 2, 2016

Wee, wee, wee, all the way home

I have always intended this blog to be about what happens in my studio, and not about myself and irrelevant thoughts.  But radiation therapy and an ailing truck kept me mostly quiet from April Fool's day on.  As soon as these problems were resolved I ripped up to Marble/marble in Colorado, leaving my computer behind without even closing the blog for the season.  When the symposium concluded I was forced to abandon truck and gear to be raced to Arizona where a gangrenous toe was amputated.  (Neuropathy).  High centered again.  No truck, no camera, no mobility. At the moment, it seems I might not be able to get up to my studio for as much as five weeks.

I would like to bend my own rules for this blog and report on efforts to put my work on an online sales site (Saatchie Art), apply for grants (Pollack-Krasner, etc), and cook up a long-term plan to present a group sculpture three years from now at the Phoenix Art Museum.  I'm struggling both to survive and to continue carving.  This should be as much a tale of the studio as the progress reports I took so much pleasure in.

To those of you who have followed, thank you.  I have much more I want to do.